Emotions of Water

Article text
Water expresses itself in many ways. I started an interesting project. It is called Emotions of Water… we humans are water…
Most photographers love water. Each one of us have a special approach to this element. Some of us like to shoot frozen ice crystals, others are interested in the water movements. I love its reflections! I always relate water to emotions. I grew up very close to the sea and I used to go to the mountains during the weekends, near a waterfall where my grandmother had a house. The sounds, smells, colours, shapes, reflections, and even the little aquatic fauna that inhabit rivers always attracted me.
12 years ago I became a scuba diver and I could explore it even more. It is amazing how peaceful it is down there…how it can be cold…how it can be out of control sometimes. The softness of the water attracts me but also its force…like the Tsunami which I had to face on Boxing day, 2004. These days what really attracts me is the abstract reflections...
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