Walking over the City...

Article text
I felt like waking over the city from the 72nd floor. The skies were not blue but I could still get a hint of gold at the River Thames. Then the night came and the city was lighting up like a small fairy tale scenario. Tinker Bell whizzed by... The wind started to blow strongly and suddenly it became very cold. I looked up to see the shards...precious! I started thinking about those who were working over the city for 3 years, since 2009, to build this architectural masterpiece. Hard work. I was impressed to know that 95% of the material used to build The Shard was recycled, such an eco friendly space. My mind was searching for movement, lights and specially reflections, which I avoided so much at the early hours. A lot to review and analyse in other to choose which way to go...I guess it will be another interesting project to work on..

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