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So nice to have so many people engaged in the 'Moods around the World' project. We grow a lot travelling and learning about new cultures. I am fascinated by it!

'Moods around the World' has been a long term project since 2003. In the beginning most of the shots were taken on the go, much more like a documentary piece of work than anything else. I wanted to tell a story not yet to translate my vision. In 2007, I started travelling with a concept and after researching for a few months about the place that I was going to visit, the question was always: "What do I really want to bring back?". In 2010, I decided to "imprint" my own style. It was not only about a translation of what I was seeing but going beyond that, seeing through. Exploring "imagination" rather than "reality" is something that gives me a true sensation that I am really seeing through. The work started then to be more conceptual and it reminded me a lot of my 'advertising and design' phase in life. I guess my vision will be always guided by my background. Today I still use landscapes as my main inspiration, but the work changed a composition is much more related to certain elements rather than the real context...Even though I love landscapes, I am not a landscape photographer. What I really enjoy is to experiment ...overexposing, moving the camera, lowering the shutter speed...anything that can translate my vision in that moment. It is truly an exercise to free myself from any rules or identity, exploring shapes, colours, textures...and bringing from each place something exclusive from my own point of view. Watch this space! Going abstract even more...

Any culture, all world, Moods around the World.
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