Textures and shapes built and faded away easily. Colours to discover, to fall in love..
No right direction or comes and goes impermanently with a precious shine, a smile you think it is your choice?
The pulse comes from an enigmatic's beautiful, coloured, full of passion and..impermanent. Surrender...

There is always a journey in my images. I am very connected to nature, in fact nature is part of feeds me, balances me, it’s my inspiration. Natural light energises me, empowers me, gives me life. I guess this fascination for nature comes from my childhood in Brazil, where the nature is just amazing, and the light is incredible.
When I am shooting I use photography to manifest what I am seeing into what I am feeling. I have a very active inner dynamic and I find nature helps me as an individual and as a spiritual being. Photography is the enabler for that. This is the reason why I decided to dedicated myself completely to it. It keeps reminding me that there is only this moment, and it’s here and now. It teaches me that I must be fully here and now in order to capture my surroundings and try to include more than just the visual element…
My images are about experiences, emotions that I want to express, it’s about transforming moments in nature, so I concentrate in texture, reflection and motion.
My work questions the viewer perception..there is always a question behind each image.
I love the idea to make photography my meditation..I love the idea to be unlearning mindfully through photography.

I borrow ideas from nature and let my imagination fly...

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