I have been really interested in perception. I have been searching this theme and translating it into different languages.
Do we perceive reality or what it is revealed to our senses?
From the principle of 'Fukei', flow escapes, I have been trying to capture a fixed view of something that is always in movement. The impermanence resides in all and all is impermanent…
‘The question is not what you look at but what you see.’

Abstraction 10


Opposite forces dancing in harmony leave a trail of light.
Almost like a brush of light cutting through the darkness, the dance continues with its own rhythm and never completely fades away. Dawn will arrive soon whispering its secrets..hear. Link text here...

Abstraction 10



It was a calling.
A soft free breeze..why?
The orange shine no matter what.
It’s peaceful and warm. Floats and descends in contemplation..accepting it.
No mountains, no valleys, just an intense flow of joy and contentment...Link text here...


Swan Dream


The first artwork of the series Sangkalpa is called Swan Dream, a dialog between presence and absence, movement and stillness..
It was presented at the Ateneo de Madrid, in October 2017 in Spain.

Dense fog in slow motion..
Small island moves like a cloud in the deep see of the unconscious mind.
Fluidity, intuition..”sangkalpa”!!!
Lucid emptiness..infinite possibility.
Is it a shadow? Inner child?
No identification but they talk..
No judgement but they talk..what are they saying?
A sense of protection starts to’s not so clear its presence anymore..

Size: 65cm x 160cm + 50cm x 160cm + 65cm x 160cm
Media: C-Type Fuji Matt
Edition: 3 prints (signed, numbered)
N.B.: Certificates of authenticity are provided with print.