Swan Dream


The first artwork of the series Sangkalpa is called Swan Dream, a dialog between presence and absence, movement and stillness..
It was presented at the Ateneo de Madrid, in October 2017 in Spain.

Dense fog in slow motion..
Small island moves like a cloud in the deep see of the unconscious mind.
Fluidity, intuition..”sangkalpa”!!!
Lucid emptiness..infinite possibility.
Is it a shadow? Inner child?
No identification but they talk..
No judgement but they talk..what are they saying?
A sense of protection starts to’s not so clear its presence anymore..

Size: 65cm x 160cm + 50cm x 160cm + 65cm x 160cm
Media: C-Type Fuji Matt
Edition: 3 prints (signed, numbered)
N.B.: Certificates of authenticity are provided with print.

Shadowy Narrative - Experiment: A dialogue between...


From dreams to imagination I have been studying and playing with light, capturing traces of objects, figures.. transforming them into a symbolic interpretation...

Presence and Absence

I have been exploring perception for the past 6 years. From June 2016 I also started to research about dreams through three different school of thoughts, three different interesting perspectives: neuroscience, analytical psychology and Tibetan Buddhism...

Movement and Stillness


It was a long and rich process to ‘uncover’ what I really wanted out of this analysis and to find a concept to work on. I started exploring Freud’s and Jungian’s views on dreams. I went to some workshops, exhibitions, watch some videos and I read books about dreams by Robert A. Johnson, Charlie Morley and Stephen Nachmanovitch...

Light and Dark

I also did some research at DRI - Dream Research Institute in Maida Valle, London. I was able to explore the perspective of Dr. Nigel Hamilton talking about “Awakening Through Dreams”. I then decided to catalogue my own dreams, and by doing this I started an amazing inner journey that guided me to the next steps...

Shadow and Light

The concept behind this series of work is to explore and investigate the boundaries between reality, imagination and dreams, the symbolic language of the unconscious mind. I first started going out to shoot with no plan in mind, just shooting what caught my attention. After that, I checked my camera to verify what caught my attention. I called this phase ‘reading the unconscious’, when I was trying to interact with my unconscious mind through the images. I discovered that there was a pattern every time I was going out in this ‘free mode’.